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Academy for Events

Before I was hired at Puzzle Break, I worked at Academy for Events. It's a school, community group, and retail shop dedicated to the education and networking for wedding planners, photographers, pastry chefs — anyone who is involved in the event industry.

The focus of my work was the Academy for Events website. I created layout designs, buttons, icons, UX writing, illustrations, and other elements. In addition, I provided extensive research and editing as the team worked on finalizing concepts.

Here are some concepts I worked on for a website. I created a moodboard with colors and fonts. Then proceeded to make this landing page with vector motifs and photos.

As my internship progressed, I was entrusted with working on the master file for the website, making changes in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as needed. I collaborated with other interns virtually on specific parts of the website.

Although the final website looks different today, I can see elements of the final design where
I contributed. Looking back, I am proud of the work that I accomplished during this internship.
It was an important stepping in my career as a graphic designer.

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