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Published Games

A series of 10 virtual escape room game projects I designed for Puzzle Break for playing online and over teleconference (Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Discord, etc).


I was the lead designer for Monsterpelago and Disco Detectives, co-designer for School for Spies, and contributor designer for other online and in-person games.


I created puzzles and narrative content, illustrations, characters, UX/UI and layout design using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Miro, Wix, and other design tools as needed.

As the primary visual designer and illustrator, I was also in charge of creating the look and aesthetic of each game. I created logos, posters, color palettes, and graphical elements that made each game feel unique.


School for Spies

My first virtual escape room game with Puzzle Break. I was the co-designer and primary illustrator and web designer for Puzzle's third virtual game. The company adopted my idea for using Wix website builder to create the game. It became so successful that they used Wix for the next few games.

Screen Shot 2022-02-06 at 12.22.07 PM.png

Disco Detectives

Disco Detectives was the first game where I took the reins as Lead Designer. In addition to my illustration and web design responsibilities, I created a new game format that had not been done previously in Puzzle Break virtual games.

suspects_with black outlines-17
suspects_with black outlines-16
suspects_with black outlines-18
suspects_with black outlines-13
suspects_with black outlines-15
suspects_with black outlines-14
suspects_with black outlines-19

These are polaroids I designed for one of the game's clues. Feel free to click on one to browse.

group photo.png
monster backgrounds-04.png
monster backgrounds-01.png
monster backgrounds-03.png
monster backgrounds-02.png
monster backgrounds-05.png
field guide.png
monsterpelago poster-03.png


The development of Monsterpelago was an interesting journey. At the direction of stakeholders, we used Wordpress instead of Wix to create the game website. We also relied heavily on Gdevelop to create interactive elements of the game.

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