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Additional Work

This page is dedicated to older graphic design work I've made in 2020 and 2021, before my jobs at Puzzle Break and Nintendo. Although this work is older and has some flaws, they provide history and context for the work I'm doing today.

Academy for Events

I had a graphic design internship with Academy for Events, an education resource for those who work in the events industry. Here are some concepts I worked on for a website.

As my internship progressed, I was entrusted with working on the master file for the website, making changes in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop as needed. I collaborated with other interns virtually on specific parts of the website.

Although the final website looks different today, I can see elements of the final design where I contributed. Looking back, I am proud of the work that I accomplished during this internship. It was an important stepping stone in my career as a graphic designer.

Car Samples (1).png
Andrea Chin_Auto2.png

Mini posters where I experimented with an automobile theme.

Andrea Chin_Auto3.png
Pink Powder

Sugar Shaker Bakery

One of my first graphic design projects, a conceptual branding package for Sugar Shaker Bakery.

Wedding Website

A personal website for my wedding using the Wix website builder. I felt it was important to incorporate many personal touches in typography, colors, and layouts, which are not usually possible in most wedding website builders like The Knot.

I utilized several Wix apps in the website, including Events, Fundraising, Feedback & Contact Form, as well as popular features like interactive gallery, hover repeaters, and video players.

I've built many websites since this one, but remains the one of the most memorable projects I've done.

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