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Here's where you'll find updates on my newest graphic design & illustration projects. The focus of this page will be on my process.

Jazz Festival

A conceptual branding project for a jazz music festival. Currently, I am in the stage of developing a creative/ visual direction for the brand. Since this is a personal project, I am developing typography, iconography, illustrations, and imagery that will apply to many applications and contexts (e.g. stationary, website, wayfinding, posters and advertising).

At this stage, I created 8.5x17" mood boards to explore potential directions for the brand. I looked at colors, art style, typography, brochures and poster designs, and photos. I went for a collage-style mood to create visual interest and emphasize some design elements (such as the inclusion of cut=outs in the "Earth & Homegrown" mood board). 

In the end, I made 5 mood boards, each with a distinct mood and creative direction. You can click on the images to see descriptions for my color and image choices.

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